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We Deliver Growth

Our goal as a full-service Marketing Agency is to apply our passionate thinkers and creative team to work closely with each brand to create unique, creative strategies that produce effective results.

Since 2010, Coban PR has been working with all-sized companies to help them find their one-of-a-kind message. We were born out of a strong desire to provide brands with the quality creative services they need in order to stay ahead — and we won’t rest until we achieve those results.

Our services include:


  • Advanced Accounting

  • Basic Accounting

  • Bookkeeping

  • Accounting Software Set-Up

  • Tax Preparations / Consolidations

Administrative Services

  • Basic Reports

  • Data Entry

  • Data Management

  • Research and Web Scraping

Business Process Outsourcing

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Consultancy Services

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Content Creation

  • Long Article

  • Short Article (200 Words)

Customer Service

  • Chat Support

  • Email Support

  • Inbound Calls

  • Sales

Data Science

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Presentation

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing Set-Up

  • Regualar Email Marketing

General Services

  • Adding Links, Images, and Videos in blog posts

  • Advanced General VA with PM background

  • Affiliate Program Management and Retargetting campaigns

  • Basic General VA

  • Calendar Management

  • Client Follow-ups

  • Contract Management

  • E-Commerce VA

  • General Research

  • Inbox Management

  • Inserting Videos, and workshops into courses with applicable formatted text

  • Invoicing and Payment Tracking

  • Mid skilled general VA

  • Organizing Dropbox Google Drive

  • PDF Converting, splitting and merging

  • Prepare Online Meeting Minutes

  • Proofreading Services

  • Track Deadlines and Deliverables

  • Transcription Services

Graphic Design

  • Company Brochure

  • Image Creation

  • Image Improvement - Resizing and Photo Adjustments

  • Infographic

  • Layouting

  • Logo Design

  • Pitch Decks

  • Posters

  • Presentation Design

  • Service List

  • SMM Creatives

Human Resources

  • Interview Process Strategy

  • Organizational Development

  • Recruitment Assistant

  • Recruitment Officer

  • Sourcing


  • Create and manage LinkedIn Profile and Page

  • Interact with followers

  • Copy and paste blog post text into the publishing tool, include images and links.

  • Export LinkedIn contacts and upload to Twitter and Facebook

  • Linkclump search once a week.

Linkedin Marketing Program

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  • Business Analysis

  • Process Implementation

  • Defining Processes

  • Procurement Management

  • Project Management - Large Scale

  • ProjectProject Management - Medium

  • Scale ProjectProject Management - Small Scale Project

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Technical Writing for Operations Manual / Knowledge Base


  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing Emails

  • Marketing Project Management


  • Create boards that relate to your varied interests and brands

  • Create images in Canva

  • Creatives for Pins

  • Cultivate additional content for future posts related to your ICA

  • Interaction with followers

  • Page Updates

  • Print monthly analytics

  • Research key terms for content analyze the best time to post

  • Reviewing old blog posts linking photos to Pinterest

  • Tracking and Scheduling Pins

  • Upload all photos and videos that relate to your blog posts to Pinterest and back to your blog


  • Adding Intro's and Outro's

  • Analyzing statistics

  • Description of each episode

  • Edit audio

Public Relations

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Search Engine Optimization

  • Blog post optimization

  • Competitor Analysis

  • General Site Analysis

  • Google Analytics and Traffic Report

  • Keyword search for blogs

  • Monthly keyword ranking report

  • Off-Page Optimization

  • On-Page Optimization

  • Setting Up Google Adwords

  • Setting Up Google Analytics

  • Social bookmarking and Tracking

  • Updating and optimizing alt descriptions for images set-up and submit the sitemap to

  • Google

  • Updating keywords and MetaTags

  • Basic SEO

  • Advanced SEO

Social Media Management

  • Advanced Social Media Management

  • Answering inquiries in Facebook Page or website contact forms

  • Audience Management and Implementation

  • Basic Social Media Management

  • Checking and Reporting Page and Group Statistics

  • Community Engagement

  • Create Facebook Group

  • Create Facebook Page

  • Downloading Leads and uploading to CRM

  • Facebook Ads

  • Facebook Ads Projects

  • Facebook Banner Art

  • Facebook Data Analysis

  • Hashtag Research

  • Interaction with Followers and Page Activity

  • Lead Management

  • Market Research, Competitor Analysis, and Benchmarking

  • Scheduled posts through Social Media

  • Management Platforms

  • Schedule Updates and Posts

  • Social Media Promotions

  • Twitter Insights

Training and Development

  • Advanced Training with Materials

  • Basic Training with Material

  • Creating Training Modules

Video Editing

  • Adding Intro's and Outro's

  • Basic Video Editing

  • Advanced Video Editing

Website Development

  • Add Lead Box for a freebie to each blog post.

  • Adding WordPress Plug-ins

  • Basic HTML and CSS change to your website.

  • Basic to WordPress including Plug-Ins, Integration, and Landing Pages.

  • Blog Calendar

  • Blog Tagging

  • Create a Membership Website.

  • Create FAQ video page.

  • Loading blog posts into Social Media.

  • Look, Examine and fox broken links.

  • Making sure everything is Mobile Responsive.

  • Manage, update and customize your website.

  • Other WordPress integrations.

  • Payment Integrations.

  • Research on blog creatives.

  • Set Up SSL Security for your website.

  • Set-up custom 404 error page.

  • Submit articles to directories.

  • Website migrations

  • Website Security.


  • Channel clean up

  • Create your YouTube account

  • Creating descriptions for your videos

  • Keyword research titles

  • Manage your YouTube account

  • Managing YouTube comments and audience interaction.

  • Updating YouTube cover art to reflect promotions.

  • Video annotations.

  • YouTube content repurposing.

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